Monday, September 30, 2013

BBM -style Samsung Reach 100 Million Users

Not only had the BlackBerry instant messaging application flagship , Samsung also there . Although not as busy echo fuel , but Samsung's ChatOn service has far more number of users .As quoted techandtechno from Cnet , on Monday ( 30/09/2013 ) , ChatOn recorded the number of users has grown to 100 million since it was released two years ago , in October 2011 . Obviously , this figure is far more than active BBM users that only 60 million .ChatOn itself embedded in a pre -installed in
Samsung's feature phones and smartphones running the Android operating system and Bada . This service can also be downloaded for free in other mobile plaform .In the midst of the increasing proliferation of competitive multi - platform instant messaging within the last four months , especially after the fuel was announced to be available on iOS and Android , ChatOn even successful double the number of its users .The mighty ChatOn reported in the India , China and the United States . Keperkasaannya also grow in Europe and the Middle East , such claims Samsung . Overall ChatOn is available in 237 countries in 63 languages ​​.Competition among multi - platform instant messaging indeed been hectic . One of the major players in this realm is already embracing WhatsApp by more than 300 million users in more than 250 countries . There are also other Line , Kakao Talk , and of course, BBM

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