Monday, October 8, 2012

5 Tips Photography for Instagram Users

Armed with a camera phone in hand and Instagram apps in it, anyone can freely create the desired object photographing activity.However, if you want interesting shots and was not impressed 'snap origin', of course it takes some shooting tips. Want to know what the issue is?Some selected Instagrammer following GeekSugar not hesitate to share his knowledge to those who want to be more serious about photographing with Instagram. 

1. Additional Lens WearAdditional lens becomes 'weapon' Instagram users with these Moniqua name. The lenses are mounted iPhone devices, helped get the slightest detail of the target object.


Not only the lens, photographing position is equally important. For example, to get a photo of this blueberrynya fruit."When I take macro photos, I always wear a basic application for fast and simple camera. However to get a macro shot perfect, I should be in a position that is not normal. In this case, my position is very close to the blueberry as to touch the water lenses . Granted this is not convenient, but instead I get the perfect shot, "he said.2. Underexpose and Use Multiple FiltersThe photos are often eliminate overexposure detail we want in the photo, such as when shooting bright skies, but did not even get a photo of a cloud.The camera on the phone has limitations, one of which for this case. But not to worry, because Chrisozer have a solution.

"Instead, I accidentally took pictures underexposed, because if not, elements such as clouds will 'pass'. To underexpose, just do tap and hold on the sunny area, where it will lock focus and exposure. You then will be free set shot without having to worry about the device switch to unwanted exposure, "he continued.To produce the photo above, Chrisozer wear more than one application that is Snapseed, Camera +, and Instagram PhotoForge2.3. Do not be satisfied with 1 ShotMost iPhoneographer take a few shots with new appliances and upload it to Instagram lately. One is Takinyerphoto.He said, "On average, I take 30-50 shots a day but I only post 4 or 5 shots to Instagram. Not all of the objects that we aim at producing a good photograph, especially for beginners. However with practice and patience, you will stylemu find themselves, "he said as quoted from GeekSugar, Wednesday (09/05/2012).4. Conducting CompositionFor users who use the name danhole Instagram, the composition is very important. "I really appreciate the composition, and my advice to you is to give more attention to the rules of the rule of thirds," he said.5. Self PortraitWith all filters presented Instagram, all users could produce captivating photographs, including a self portrait. Of course, self portrait discussed here wearing an interesting angle.

For Iger safesolvent, he preferred to do a self portrait from a distance so the picture is not exactly 'normal'. The trick? In addition to setting the composition, he also wore delay timer feature belongs Camera + before post them to Instagram. Look at the results above.


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